Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Thanks to Grace

After much cajoling and whining by Grace, I gave her permission to install the webcam that we bought several years ago. She immediately went on Yahoo! IM and chatted with her buddy from up the street, who also has a webcam. Both of their pictures were on the screen and Grace was excited. Then her friend started voice-chatting. I decided to look for the old headset we used to use (thanks, Craig), found it within a few moments, and hooked it up to the computer. Now we have a video-phone!!!

So, if anyone uses Yahoo! IM, let me know -

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Craigie's Coming!

Life just couldn't get any better!

The Festival's over; it was a great 20-something days! I got to see Leann Rimes from the FOURTH ROW (that's called a PERK!)!

The next week we bought a 2005 Saturn Ion - great car - and it's Berry Red and it has a CD player and it travels smoothly at 80 mph! 0% Financing, too!

I have Friday off and will try to persuade Bob and the girls to change Busch Gardens Day from Thursday to Friday so I can go. I LOVE riding the Montu!

To top it all off, Craig will be arriving in Tampa on April 5! YAY! Pack your shorts, Craig, and your trunks - we're goin' to da beach! We're going to try to dispel some of the myths you've heard about Florida. Aunt Karen told me the other week that Uncle Jack wishes he had "done this" (come to Florida) ten years ago.

I just talked to the Chairman of the Entertainment Committee about next year's concerts at the Festival and asked if I could put in a request. He said, "of course", and so I suggested none other than.....(drum roll, please).....JOSH GROBAN! I told the Chairman that his genre is not Country and he replied that all the stars don't have to be Country (which I figured out this year after seeing our line-up).

Keeping my fingers crossed... (yeah, right, dream on, huh?)

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Day 8

What day is it? What do my husband and kids look like? What does my house look like?

Yesterday the weather was BAAD. Hopefully we won't have another day like that! Today was better - sunny, on the chilly side. Senior Day. Thursdays are Senior Days. Not many people were on the Midway at lunchtime, so I went on the Crazy Mouse. I had to ride with one of the guys who works it. Eeeewwwww. That really put a damper on my exclamations. No "WOOO HOOO!" There are a few other rides I'd like to go on - probably tomorrow. I'm working late tonight.

Bob finished staining our new kitchen island and put it in the kitchen the other day. Looks great! I got to make the kids lunches on it this morning. What a treat!

After making all kinds of money these weeks, I'll be able to buy a new car. The Escort is showing its age. We're looking at inexpensive 4-door sedans (probably compact, or a little bigger), like Hyundai or Kia or Toyota. I'd REALLY like a Nissan Altima. They're sweet. A Maxima would be even better. I also like those cars that look like a cross between a station wagon and an SUV.

This weekend will be really busy and after that I can sleep a little. Will work 9 to 3 all next week and have that next weekend off! WOW! And we can wear jeans!!!

Time to go now.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

WOW! It's Packed!

What a day so far! And it's only 1:00 pm! I took a walk around the grounds and there are TONS of people! I decided that I want to ride the "Crazy Mouse". The Midway is finally packed and the rides are going full-swing! I watched a little bit of a Moo show (Livestock show) and watched the piggies race again. I can see the Bikes Blades and Boards from my window - they are cool! What a place to work at!!!!

I'll keep you posted - You guys should come here sometime! This is a great Festival!

Friday, March 04, 2005

Day 2

It's 10:14 pm and I'm past delirious, waiting to go home from work. The weather at the Festival turned out to be gorgeous today, as opposed to yesterday, which was cold, wet and miserable. It is very exciting!

Bob and 3 of the girls came today, to meet up with Grace after her performance (and after school, of course!). They seemed to have a good time, but were ready to go home by 8:00 pm. Grace had been here since 11:00 am or so.

The first thing Carolyn saw was the piggy races! This really is a big Fair, and it looked much better today than yesterday. Yesterday I was a little disappointed, because of the bad weather. I had anticipated a WOW first day but it didn't happen.

I'll write more later - I keep having to re-write the misspelled words!!!