Thursday, August 10, 2006

3 months

I guess I was either too busy to even look at this blog, or I didn't feel like writing. Take your pick.

Summer vacation has come and gone -- thanks, Mom, for helping me and the kids while Bob was away!

The girlies are getting back into their school routine, another year older and wiser... Grace is a FRESHMAN IN HIGH SCHOOL!!!!! and a beautiful one at that, if I do say so myself. SHe's already started fundraisers for her chorus to go to Williamsburg VA at the end of the school year.

Meghan is already busy in Notes Alive! and getting ready for All-State Chorus auditions. She's a little nervous, and complains once in a while that I MADE her join chorus (please see last December's posts or thereabouts -- I think there's a post referring to Meghan and Chorus).

Emily's in Gifted classes and thinking about joining chorus or taking an instrument -- she's in 4th grade!

Carolyn's in 1st grade! She's already writing more neatly and she's liking music, art and p.e.

Grace is taking piano lessons, Meghan's taking ice skating lessons, Emily's taking gymnastics and we're still on the fence about Carolyn.

I've quit smoking and am watching my body quickly expand. I haven't succumbed to munching, though, so I hope I can get through this weight thing without too many emotional scars.

Bob's still doing the alternative healing thing with respect to his cancer -- we'll see how that goes. He looks really good and is in good spirits.

I could go on about politics, the AMA, big oil/pharmaceuticals/corporate America, but I'm still raw from nicotine withdrawal. Not a great idea, me getting into all that, just now.