Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Only Thing That Remains Constant is Change

It is time; time to close yet another door and open the next.

Our days in the Riverview house are numbered.

It has been a good run at this house; an eventful run, full of experience and learning. There have been many different types of days here; very good, contented days, juxtaposed by desperately tragic ones. There were days full of confusion and worry, and days that exuded cautious optimism and hope. We lived life here, and death.

Today I am excited and scared, but more excited than scared. I am finally feeling trust slip back into my heart, which replaces some of the fear that has been there for too long a time. I am excited for our new adventure. The girls are more reticent than I, because the last time we moved they were very young and their lives weren't impacted as greatly as they think they will be now. Little do they know that their lives have been one big change over the last few years; just all in one place.

Make way for life. I am living it. I insist that the girls live it. I am loving and living and I refuse to be led by anything less than my love for others.

Change is good.