Monday, November 22, 2004

Been a long time

since I posted - it's been incredibly busy at work, as my "partner" was gone for 2 weeks on bereavement. My busting butt at work of course led into total melt-down at home and no time to post. Sounds like a good enough excuse, huh? BTW, I'm still busy playing catch-up, now, so this will be short...


Gracie Made It! She made it into All-State Chorus!! Yay!!

I guess another reason why I haven't posted is because Chris and Allie just blow me away with their literary genius, and I feel intimidated. At this point I'm limited to the superficial everyday goings-on, and can't seem to summon the poetic adjectives and phrases that yous guys, or y'all do.

Maybe I'll write my "thesis" on FEAR, because I have a very personal and intimate relationship with it.

Told ya this was gonna be short - gotta go now - the bosses keep passing by my desk....

Wednesday, November 03, 2004


I'm in awe, but not the good kind. I'm Flabbergasted. The people of this country never cease to amaze me. I cannot imagine what goes through these peoples' minds, if anything! What the hell are they thinking?

After everything that he's done to this country, and after everything that he's failed to do, the majority is STILL for this yay-hoo!

The thought has already crossed my mind to try to get him impeached, but that wouldn't be any good, because then CHENEY would become president, and I think that would be even worse. At least Dubya's idiocy buffers Cheney's evil tactics a little. Not much, but a little.

This is just too... distressing? disheartening? dis...what???