Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Craigie's Coming!

Life just couldn't get any better!

The Festival's over; it was a great 20-something days! I got to see Leann Rimes from the FOURTH ROW (that's called a PERK!)!

The next week we bought a 2005 Saturn Ion - great car - and it's Berry Red and it has a CD player and it travels smoothly at 80 mph! 0% Financing, too!

I have Friday off and will try to persuade Bob and the girls to change Busch Gardens Day from Thursday to Friday so I can go. I LOVE riding the Montu!

To top it all off, Craig will be arriving in Tampa on April 5! YAY! Pack your shorts, Craig, and your trunks - we're goin' to da beach! We're going to try to dispel some of the myths you've heard about Florida. Aunt Karen told me the other week that Uncle Jack wishes he had "done this" (come to Florida) ten years ago.

I just talked to the Chairman of the Entertainment Committee about next year's concerts at the Festival and asked if I could put in a request. He said, "of course", and so I suggested none other than.....(drum roll, please).....JOSH GROBAN! I told the Chairman that his genre is not Country and he replied that all the stars don't have to be Country (which I figured out this year after seeing our line-up).

Keeping my fingers crossed... (yeah, right, dream on, huh?)


Blogger Rita Xavier said...

Great, about Craig. How long is he staying? I think he'll love it.

Good luck on getting Josh Groban - I'll come then.

March 23, 2005 5:51 PM  
Blogger Rita Xavier said...

Maybe you could take Craig to Busch Gardens. Will the manatees be gone?

March 23, 2005 5:55 PM  
Blogger Carrie Kelley said...

He'll be staying until the 14th-I was thinking about Busch Gardens, too. Yes, the manatees should be gone by now. I think the water has gotten warmer and they've moved off.

March 23, 2005 6:03 PM  
Anonymous Craig said...

When I told Dad how cheap the plane tickets were he almost sounded jealous like he wished he was going.

March 23, 2005 8:30 PM  
Blogger Carrie Kelley said...

Yeah - maybe once you come, Dad will decide to come, too!

March 24, 2005 5:05 AM  

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