Friday, October 22, 2004

Update on the Girlies

I absolutely adore my girls. I had never experienced unconditional love until I gave birth to them, and watched them grow. It's overwhelming. And it's a great avenue toward understanding true humility. I am sooo glad for the experience.

Grace finally coughed up information on the All-State audition. She passed! She scored an 88% on the written test, and sight-read 14 (I think) measures out of 24 correctly. The minimum number of measures one had to read correctly was 8. But there's yet another audition!

The kids who are to go on to the next level were given their music on Wednesday, and a CD on Thursday. If I remember correctly, there are about 8 pieces, varied genres, for them to learn by November 8. The CD is very helpful. It gives the pronunciation of Italian and Latin lyrics, and then plays the pieces with a woman singing just one part. On Grace's, she sings the Soprano II part. Now, time for practice! In the audition, three kids in a group; Soprano I, Soprano II and Alto; will sing in front of judges. That can get tricky, especially if one doesn't know his/her part well. Cross your fingers!

Meghan has been moved to the on-camera Weather person. The teleprompter kid didn't want to do the weather from day-one, so Meghan started off talking from behind the camera, then everyone decided to have her in front of it. She's a little disappointed that she hasn't been on the camera crew, but she enjoys doing the weather. She has to come up with her own lines. Meghan was just accepted into the Gifted Program, so, I'm sure there will be news about those activities soon. She is very inquisitive, especially about science-related things. I guess she'll be asking DADDY questions a lot, because I'll hardly ever have any answers for her!!!

Emily is excelling in school, too! She's also in The Colts Chorus, which consists of 2nd and 3rd grade students. She tells me that on the mornings that she has chorus rehearsal, she misses out on doing her "bellwork", but just yesterday she actually finished after going to Chorus! She's my beautiful brown-eyed girl!

Carolyn! What can I say about Carolyn? With her big blue saucer-eyes, long, curly blond hair and chubby cheeks? She's such a love! Such an affectionate, happy, spoiled kid! One more year to go before Kindergarten! She and Daddy pal around all day during the week. I miss her terribly when I'm at work, and on weekends, she plays with her friend, Abby. She says she misses me, but she won't visit with me on the weekends. I guess she's happy knowing that I'm home, and that she can walk in the house and I'll be there, but playing with Abby is VERY important!


Blogger Coral Clarke said...

Congrats Grace and Meghan! I wish I could see all 4 of you girls!

October 22, 2004 7:31 AM  
Blogger Rita Xavier said...

Everyone is doing great! Tell them all I love them. Grandma

October 22, 2004 9:07 AM  

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