Friday, September 10, 2004

Duke Talent Identification Program (TIP)

I lost the application. Grace brought home a brochure a few weeks ago and immediately commented on the fact that we won't be able to AFFORD this program that Duke University has for gifted kids, that I might as well just throw it away because she won't be able to participate. Heavy, heavy sigh... poor Grace... I did her an injustice by complaining all the time about how broke we are...

Actually, the application fee isn't all that expensive, and from what I've read, Grace would be able to practice taking the SAT or the ACT, among other things.

I called Gracie's Guidance counselor and asked if I could get another app. Mrs. Diaz told me that she has just ONE left - how lucky! She also felt that congratulations were in order for being invited to apply, and that Grace is a great kid. Hooray for our side!

This kid is "going places"!


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