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I thought I'd better post something on this blog, as it has been too long since I visited here.

It's getting very busy at work, and soon I'll be working everyday for 3 weeks or so. I've made some computer improvements over the summer months, so a few of our Accounting processes take about 10 minutes to complete daily, as opposed to taking an hour-and-a-half daily in the years previous. Most or all of the huge tents are up, and the maintenance guys are working 12-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week to set everything up in those tents and everywhere else.

For you Patriarchy-blamers out there, the Strawberry Queen Contest was last Saturday, so we now have a new Queen. The former (2005) Strawberry Queen is quoted as saying, "To be swept up into a great and magical adventure: is that not what every girl longs for?"

Hee hee.

Grace has finished her All-State Chorus thingy and her All-County Chorus thingy, and I started crying at both performances because that's my Gracie up there!

Lately I've been remembering Grace as my little baby, my toddler; and I realize that it was really long ago, yet it wasn't. Life is just too damned short.

Meghan bugged me for some weeks to take her ice skating. I don't know what prompted her to decide that she wanted to try it, but, when Meghan gets an idea into her head, she just doesn't let it alone. I found a rink in the next town -- imagine that! An ice rink in Florida! I took all the girls to the rink one Sunday in January.

**While waiting in line to pay the exhorbitant amount in admission fees and skate rentals, Grace decides that she doesn't want to skate and storms off, and Carolyn wants to skate and begs me to let her. Meghan starts to cry because Grace stormed off and I tell her that she can skate with Emily. The place is crowded, but I get the three girls settled in with their skates on, and their jackets on. I see that other kids have mittens or gloves on and I wish that we would have brought some, but any hand-covering apparatus we have is packed away somewhere and hasn't been seen in over 2 years. Meghan and Emily take off on the ice, and SKATE!! No problem! Roller blading has helped with their balance, I suppose, but it's fun to see the girls do something well the first time out! What a proud Mom I am! I tell Carolyn to stay by the edge of the rink while I get Grace. I go outside and have to take my jacket off because it's blazing hot. I find Grace sitting by the van and I coax her inside, telling her that she can just watch if she wants to, knowing full well that she'll eventually want to skate, within about 5 minutes. But I don't say that to her. Hee hee. Wouldn't ya know, once she gets her skates on and her jacket on and is watching Meghan and Emily and everyone else have fun, she takes off on the ice and SKATES! Carolyn hangs on to the side of the rink and shuffles. At one point she has to let go to get around a small crowd. She shuffle-skates to the other side of the crowd and back to the wall. The Zamboni smooths the ice at "half-time". **

Okay - back to past-tense.

Emily had her Gifted Screening at school the other day. The Gifted Teacher called me and told me that she did VERY well, and a time will be set up to have her Gifted Tested.

During our very small Superbowl party, Carolyn pulled out her loose tooth. Top front. Now she's REALLY cute when she smiles!

We (meaning Bob and I) are doing a little workshop at the Clubhouse this Sunday on Alternative Healing Modalities, focusing on Energy Medicine. About 20 people will be there. I'm psyched!


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Wish I could have watched the girls skating.

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