Thursday, October 27, 2005

My Meggie Moodle

Yesterday, the Middle School Music Teacher, Mrs. N., asked Grace, "Have you been teaching your sister how to sing her vowels? She sings really well."

Grace told Mrs. N. no, she hasn't been teaching Meghan, but when Meghan is on the computer, Grace has heard her singing.

Mrs. N. also saw Meghan in the hall and asked her if she will be joining Chorus in the second half of the year because she sings really well.

Way to go, Meggie!

In the first half of 6th Grade, the school has what is called the "Wheel". For nine consecutive (school) days, a student will attend an elective, such as Computers, Chorus, Technology or Band, etc.. After the ninth day, the student goes on to the next assigned elective for the next nine consecutive days, and so on, until the end of the first half of the year. PE is included in these classes, but the student has to take it 4 "times", as opposed to, say, 1 time for Orchestra.

I wasn't sure Meghan was interested in Chorus, and I thought she might be interested in something else besides Chorus, like Computers or something. I suggested that she check everything out first before making a decision on what class to pick for the second half of the year. I told her that the most important thing is to pick something that she really enjoys or has a great interest in, not what I would like to see her doing.

As the time approached for her to be in Chorus, she told me, "You know I live for Music! You gave me the karaoke machine, and I sing all the time, and Daddy gave me the guitar and I play that and I listen to my cd's a lot. I really want to take Chorus!"

I told her that was fine.

During the nine days she auditioned to be in a little ensemble. She was accepted.

Two down, two to go. Hee hee.

Actually, I didn't want to push her with the music stuff. I wanted to see if she would be interested in something else.

Mrs. N. is a great voice teacher. Meghan's singing voice has changed a LOT in the last 11 days. Amazing. Simply amazing.

I'm living vicariously through my children. *Sigh*


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Way to go, Meggie.

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