Friday, July 15, 2005

Brain Overload

I have decided that I'm not cut out for the debating society. I have definite opinions, but I find I'm too scared to voice them for fear of having to back them up with "facts" to prove my point. I am not a "citer". I am not capable of having an ongoing discussion with someone who has an opposing view. I tend to back down and clam up. It's all fear. I know that. I'm afraid of being ostracized and ridiculed.

I've gotten caught up in all the hullabaloo on the political front, and I've been reading too many "science" blogs. The psychiatric professionals have gotten my dander up. There's too much CRAP reeling in my head, and I wonder to myself if I can unload it all here.

Where to start...?



I'm finding that there are no clear definitions of "Democrat" or "Republican", or "Liberal" or "Conservative". They can't be pigeon-holed. There are so many shades of gray. When I think I have come to some conclusion, say, of what it means to be a "Liberal", someone says or writes something that blows my definition right out of the water.

For the most part, I'm guessing that the majority of this country could not give a definite picture of why they consider themselves to be [fill in the blank], so I shouldn't feel alone in this respect.

From what I can gather, being a Liberal is different from being a Democrat. What constitutes the difference between the two? Is a Liberal farther Left on the spectrum? If that's the case, why would the far Left be considered Liberal? Aren't extreme left-wingers more emphatic in their beliefs? Less tolerant? Isn't a definition of Liberal "tolerant of change, not bound by authoritarianism, orthodoxy, or tradition"?

I guess it's the Left that's bothering me, because I consider myself Left-leaning. I probably just want to know where I stand in all of this. I don't think it has as much to do with politics as it does with philosophy. Republicans just annoy the shit out of me. I can't seem to wrap my brain around their reasoning.

I've seen some science bloggers close their minds - SNAP! - like steel traps to the notion of Quantum Physics/Mechanics. Why is that? If they call themselves scientists, why aren't they open to the possibility? What is science? Isn't it "exploration", in a nutshell? If you want to add in the word "physical" -- aren't subatomic particles part of the physical universe? Have scientists come to the conclusion that reality is only this 3-dimensional plane, and the only thing that's real is what we humans can sense with the five sensory organs?

I'm sure that people will back their arguments up to chastise me with some science publication or other, but that would mean nothing to me. That's like the medical community saying one day that eggs are bad for you, only to turn around 10 years later and say they're not bad for you. Why does the common man/woman have to believe what we're told by the scientific community? We didn't "see" their results first hand. Why would one scientist be deemed worthy and another a quack? Who's to say? Who's the authority? A bunch of scientists on a panel whom undoubtedly have an agenda?

Which brings me to medicine. Christ. Where do I start? Same goes here. I look and listen to Everyman and Everywoman and this is what I hear: "Got something that ails ya? Take THIS!" We've become a pill society. The doctor-gods have taken over. Our illnesses own us. We are identified by our illness, me included. How many times have I heard someone talk about whatever ails them as "MY this" and MY that"? Then they back it up with whatever various and sundry medications they're taking as "MY this" and "MY that". Where's the HEALING??

But woe to the person who branches out to "Alternative" medicine, because the pills have too many contra-indications. "Chiropractic hasn't been PROVEN." "Homeopathic medicine is LAUGHABLE." "Herbal medicine isn't controlled by the FDA so it could be DANGEROUS."
How many dangerous drugs has the FDA approved? And taken back off the shelf?

Hmmm... Chiropractic hasn't been DISproven, either - neither has Homeopathic medicine, herbal medicine, or ENERGY medicine, for that matter. THIS chick has seen the benefits of all of those, but didn't publish a paper, therefore it's quackery, right?

Example: You feel an ear infection coming on. Which would you do - a.) run to the doctor and get a prescription of antibiotics, or b.) run to the Chiropractor (I'll give you MY answer later...).

I have my very own opinions when it comes to psychiatric medicine and mental illness, which I will not go into great detail at this time. Suffice it to say that masking symptoms with medications is NOT healing.

You can look at me askance, and think what you may, but to me, the picture is not complete without some metaphysical point of view. I'm not talking about religion. Religion is way too limiting. The right-wing christian fundamentalists drive me absolutely nuts. I'm sure any other fundamentalist religion would do the same, if I was within close proximity of some of the members. I am NOT for separatism, or "OUR way is THE way" or a set of rules or doctrine. But I DO seek. I DO not let society dictate what I will believe. I AM open to possibilities.


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