Friday, December 16, 2005

'Tis the Season!

It's been more than two weeks since Dad left, and we all miss him. It was great having him here and I hope he comes again!

One morning I brought Dad to work with me when he was here. I don't know which was more important; showing Dad off to the people I work with, or showing my work off to Dad. I thought about something a week ago, though, which led me to have a very strange sensation -- love, I think it's called.

I was thinking about one point during Dad's work-visit (he and my boss and her "cohort" were having a nice little chat about Fairs and Festivals and Bobby Vinton) and that finally, after so many years, I had brought my "origin" together with my life at this moment in time. It was like a meeting of two lives. I thought about my childhood and my dad's involvement in it, and how sweet it felt to have my dad involved in my adult life. I then felt the love; the love a little girl feels toward her father. I felt it again, and it was good.


I'm tired. There are too many things going on, as usual, at this time of year. Today's the last day of school before Winter Break. No more parties at school, exams, projects, concerts, deadlines, etc. Now all I have to do is finish shopping. Luckily I've done most of it already, but I still have to use the money that Mom and Dad sent to buy the kids stuff. Then do Christmas, itself. I try not to get too stressed out, though. Things will go the way they go, no matter how hard I try planning. I decided a long time ago that I will not waste energy trying to make things "just so". It's an illusion that's elusive, and I don't need to expend any energy on the unattainable.

I'm also tired of opinions. People are the most opinionated people on this earth! People don't want to budge with their opinions, either. I was happy and content doing the deed and practicing humility, but then I had to be nosy and take a peek into the debating society. Now I'm angry and bitter and ultra-sensitive. I'm going back to minding my own business. I can't change other people's minds. I'm better at demonstration. I'd rather show people instead of telling them what's wrong with their thinking (news flash: the only thing that does is get their dander up and they listen less -- you know; get defensive???).


If it's okay with Dad, I'll post some of the pics he took when he was here, on this here blog in the next few days. When I get a chance. When I have access to my computer. When the girls are asleep.


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