Thursday, November 10, 2005

Busy Busy!

Things are picking up at work, starting with the piggies coming to the grounds last week to get tagged, weighed and registered. They were really cute but I'm sure they'll be much bigger by Festival time! This past Monday was Junior Royalty registration. Lots of girls and their mothers signing up for that (the mothers weren't signing up, just the girls). Tonight is the Volunteer appreciation party. I've been instrumental in upgrading computer software, and I'm a little nervous, because we're going "live" in the next week or so. Nervous and excited. Whee!

I've gotten too p.o.'ed with the Politics crap so I'm not gonna talk about that. Let the other bloggers concentrate on that - they're doing a great job!

Grace made it into All-State Chorus again! YAY! Most of her friends did again this year, except for B., which I felt sad for. The other girlfriends are lavishing her with cards, flowers and chocolate today, I guess to cheer her up. It turns out that this year Grace is in Mixed Chorus, which consists of girls and boys, SATB, as opposed to being in Treble Chorus last year, which consisted of just girls, S1S2A. Grace has All-County Chorus rehearsal after school tonight, and Bob has to pick her up before he goes to his meeting. I'm working late because of the party. We are really busy!

Meghan went to a skating party for the honor roll students last night and had fun skating with her Middle School friends.

These kids are blossoming! Carolyn went to her first Birthday Party of a Classmate last week. All by herself without Emily! Emily and Carolyn are soooo tight - Emily is the one who cried when Carolyn went to the party!


Blogger Coral Clarke said...

Congratulations Grace!

November 12, 2005 7:57 AM  
Blogger Rita Xavier said...

That's great Grace! Also, it's wonderful to see the girls so involved, and so good at what they do.

November 12, 2005 11:33 AM  

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