Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Abyss

I'm standing at the edge of it, looking into the dark chasm of the unknown. Wow. It's deep. I see fear in there, of course, floating along the sides; and uncertainty, and little pieces of panic. At times they flow freely from one another, and at other times they conjoin and move erratically. My chest then constricts and I die another death.

Ah, but what is life without death? I have died more times than I can count; after which, my life is lived more fully and completely and with less fear.

But THIS time... this time... will test my resolve. It will test my ability to remain in the present moment, to rely upon synchronicities in looking for answers, to not make decisions based in fear.


Blogger Rita Xavier said...

Your family is thinking of you, Carrie. I'll be there soon and we can talk in person. You are not alone, even though we are scattered all over the country.

I tried to post this earlier, but it wouldn't "take".

April 07, 2006 10:03 PM  

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